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The Performance Leader in You

When I created this website, I discovered something that you might already know: Launching a website is, in some ways, similar to the work of becoming a great leader. For one thing, the work is never done. One minute you are a highly capable leader, the next it is clear you are developing, and at other times facing previously unseen challenges, you feel like a beginner again. Create a website that looks great one minute, and seemingly in a few short months it has fallen out of date. The Performance Leader remains focused on developing the new capabilities for today and tomorrow's challenges. The same can be said for a website. You produce the copy, partner with designers and programmers and get it up for all to see. And then stay willing and able to continuously improve.


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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is an in-depth partnership focused on developing the mental models and leadership skills needed to meet the business challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • Executive Coaching is a 9 -12 month long process that begins with the identification of strengths and development needs, includes an active and well defined partnership with your manager, features bi-monthly coaching conversations focused on building critical skills and implementing leadership plans and results in significantly improved leadership capability and quite often, improved business results.

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  • Transition Coaching is a 3 - 6 month long engagement designed to help a leaders taking on a very challenging new position to enter that position is such a way as to build credibility, learn quickly, and develop and implement a transition plan that yields to a more rapid and productive assimilation.

Why Use It? | What It Looks Like | Deliverables | Cases | Past Projects


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