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The Performance Leader in You

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The Performance Leader in You
By Jeffrey S. Cohen


When I created this website, I discovered something that you might already know: Launching a website is, in some ways, similar to the work of becoming a great leader. For one thing, the work is never done. One minute you are a highly capable leader, the next it is clear you are developing, and at other times facing previously unseen challenges, you feel like a beginner again. Create a website that looks great one minute, and seemingly in a few short months it has fallen out of date. The Performance Leader remains focused on developing the new capabilities for today and tomorrow's challenges. The same can be said for a website. You produce the copy, partner with designers and programmers and get it up for all to see. And then stay willing and able to continuously improve.

This website is my ongoing attempt at describing what I do, why it matters and what you can expect if you were to engage me. I suspect as you go through it—and I hope you do—you will see areas that are well done, clear and concise, interesting and informative. I must also assume that you will see areas that look like a work in progress and other that seem pretty rough. Becoming the leader you need to be is a journey and getting this website to where I really want it to be, will be a journey as well. I need and welcome your feedback.

As leaders, we can and do play to our strengths. Yet in this 24/7 environment where there is no escaping the mantle of leadership, the nature of business, organizational and people challenges seems to be continuously evolving. The people we lead will see us; strengths and weaknesses. When you find yourself in that moment where you are confronted with leadership challenges that are not your strength that is where I can help. When you get that nagging suspicion that this leadership team is different and how to drive it is unclear, that is where I can help.

You might be stepping in to your first leadership job or your fifth. You may think that what got you where you are today is not going to get you to the next level of performance, and you are driven to get there. You may have gotten a signal that now is the right time to seek more political and organizational advice and you want or need to go outside of your organization to get it. You may be entering a new position that is a big jump in scale or scope, and—having seen other leaders flail away at a job they never grew into—you want practical help that enables you to fit into that new job like it was tailored just for you. You might be sailing along as a classic high potential, wanting to take that added step that can help you differentiate your leadership and results, to be seen as ready now for the next big opportunity. If that describes you, please read through the site and give me a call.

As leaders, one of the most challenging things we need to do is to take a group of smart, high-performing contributors and make them a team. Over-emphasize this and you waste time and energy and de-motivate executives and contributors. Under-emphasize this and you miss critical business and organizational opportunities that only an integrated executive or project or brand team can seize. If you are ready to use performance challenges to build the team that can deliver what your organization needs, give me a call.

Over time, I hope to have a good deal more to share about becoming the leader you need to be. While I invite you to check back every few months for the next installment, if your need is more urgent, give me a call or send me an e-mail.

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