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The Performance Leader in You

When I created this website, I discovered something that you might already know: Launching a website is, in some ways, similar to the work of becoming a great leader. For one thing, the work is never done. One minute you are a highly capable leader, the next it is clear you are developing, and at other times facing previously unseen challenges, you feel like a beginner again. Create a website that looks great one minute, and seemingly in a few short months it has fallen out of date. The Performance Leader remains focused on developing the new capabilities for today and tomorrow's challenges. The same can be said for a website. You produce the copy, partner with designers and programmers and get it up for all to see. And then stay willing and able to continuously improve.


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Become the Leader You Need Be
A performance leader has a proven track record as a leader of people and teams, is driven to meet critical business goals, and is willing to learn and experiment with their own leadership methods to deliver optimal results in increasingly challenging business situations.

After years of seeing leaders struggle on their own through performance challenges, Jeff Cohen — principal and lead consultant — created Performance Leaders, LLC. This isn’t career counseling or therapy. No life coaching or outdoor ropes courses. This is a unique blend of practical business experience and state-of-the-art coaching and team development capability designed to help you achieve critical business results.

Are you a performance leader facing a particularly challenging business situation? Are you starting a new assignment that you know is a stretch? Has your leadership demanded more of you and left you wondering how to proceed? Learn how Performance Leaders, LLC can support you to become the leader you need to be.


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